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February 6, 1934
Cleveland, Ohio

Wife - Debra 
Children - Ronald, Jr.  
               Ron "Mickey"
               Amanda Leigh

Mottl & Mottl & Associates
6650 Pearl Road
Parma Heights, OH 44130
(216) 990-2217
Ohio House of Representatives, 1987 - Present 
President, Parma School Board, 1986 
U.S. House of Representatives, 1975 - 1982
Ohio Senate, 1969 - 1974 
Ohio House of Representatives, 1967 - 1968 
Parma Council President, 1961 - 1966 
Parma, Ward 2 Councilman, 1960 - 1961 
Cleveland Assistant Law Director, 1958 - 1960 
Founder and Co-chairman of Congressional Suburban Caucus

Parma High School, 1952 
Notre Dame University, B.S., 1956 
Notre Dame University, LL. B., 1957

Practicing Attorney Since 1957

U.S. Army and Army Reserves, 1957 - 1963

Some of Ron Mottl’s Accomplishments as a Legislator

(1960 - 1966) 

1. As President of Parma City Council delayed rate increases for Columbia Gas consumers for four (4) years saving consumers millions of dollars.

                                                          (1967 - 1974) 

1. Architect and father of the Ohio Lottery, which has enriched the state treasury by more than 8 billion 
    dollars for schools and other state purposes.

2. Authored the reform of Blue Cross rates and regulations.

3. Authored the reform of our laws pertaining to the probating of estates.

4. Authored legislation that strengthened criminal penalties concerning sawed-off shotguns 
    and malicious crimes directed against Halloween trick-or-treaters.

5. Pushed through the legislation outlawing medical quackery.

6. Authorized legislation to strengthen the oversight powers of the Public Utilities Commission 
    of Ohio, and fought utility rate increases. 

7. Prevented the State Department of Transportation from spraying roadsides with dangerous 
    carcinogen chemicals. 

8. Helped lead the successful drive to prevent the Director of the Department of National Resources 
    from implementing a plan to charge for the use of State Parks.

                                                        (1975 - 1982)

1.   Spearheaded effort to require banks to pay taxpayers interest on some $4 billion, which the 
      Treasury Department routinely allowed to lie idly in banks without drawing interest. These income 
      tax moneys and social security moneys are deposited in local banks on a short term basis. This practice, 
      which cost taxpayers over $265 million per year in lost interest, was ended when President Carter signed 
      my legislation into law. The Mottl legislation has now earned more than $8 billion for the taxpayers. 

2.   Had the federal EPA clean up a chemical waste dumpsite near the mouth of the Cuyahoga River, 
      which endangered our water supply...and was a fire hazard. 

3.   Prevented the testing in salt mines beneath Lake Erie, which could have led to storage of nuclear 
      wastes there. 

4.   Was at the forefront of the battle to save Lewis Research Center of the National Aeronautics and 
      Space Administration and 3,000 jobs. 

5.   Won Veterans Administration approval for a job-creating regional VA training center at the 
      Brecksville VA hospital. 

6.   Initiated the investigation which ultimately led to indictments of 42 persons and 35 convictions in 
      connection with illegal drug-related activities at our local VA hospitals. 

7.   Caused the VA to install a CAT-scanner at the Cleveland VA hospital to better serve our veterans 
      with the most up-to-date medical technology. 

8.   As a member of the House Veterans Affairs Committee, successfully pressured the VA 
      to improve hospital security and tighten controls over drug dispensing at our local VA hospitals. 

9.   Won a three (3) year renewal of medical outreach programs for our veterans. 

10. Authored legislation to have OSU, named site of the National Center for Research in Vocational 
      Education, with funding of $25 million for three years. 

11. Authored legislation to encourage a back-to-basics approach, competency testing supported by 
      remedial courses at our public schools. 

12. Led the fight in Congress against court ordered busing. 

13. Opposed attempts to weaken our nation's clean air laws. 

14. Was a leader of congressional efforts to prevent telephone rate increases from 
      hitting consumers as the telephone industry was restructured. 

15. Invited and secured the Guardian Angels for Cleveland to provide more security for 
      our citizens, particularly our Senior Citizens.

(1987 - present)


● 117th General Assembly 

House Joint Resolution #9 - called for a constitutional amendment to be placed on the statewide ballot mandating that all lottery profits should go to education. Ohio voters passed this measure overwhelmingly. 

House Bill #429 - gave legislative approval to all Ohio judges who wish to use ignition interlock devices as sentencing tools in OMVI cases. An ignition interlock device connects a breath analyzer to a motor vehicle ignition system which is constantly available to monitor the alcohol level of any person attempting to start the vehicle. The person is deterred from starting the vehicle unless the sample breath by weight of alcohol is below a preset level. 

● 118th General Assembly 

House Bill #49 - gives our disabled Ohioans who display a special plate the right to purchase fuel at self-service prices while having the attendant pump the fuel at full-service gas stations. 

House Bill #51 - gave legislative backing to Ohio judges who wish to use electronic monitored house arrest as a sentencing tool. This method is used for non-violent offenders in an effort to reduce Ohio's overcrowded prisons. 

House Bill #358 - strengthens Ohio's anti-corporate raiding laws and gives Ohio companies more muscle to fight off raiders thereby saving Ohio jobs. 

● 119th General Assembly 

House Bill #27 - deters youngsters from entering Ohio and selling drugs as juveniles. Judges are 
Now given the power to try these youngsters as adults. With adult trials go adult sentences. 

House Bill #32 - prohibits the creation of common law marriages in Ohio. Many common law marriages have led to fraud, thereby cheating children out of inheritances. 

House Bill #89 - is a probate reform measure which increased the amount of assets to be released from administration to $50,000 for surviving spouses. This law saves on time, court costs and attorney fees for surviving spouses in Ohio. 

House Bill #90 - perfected living trusts so Ohioans could avoid probate. 

House Bill #372 - created special license plates to honor Ohio's wartime veterans. --- 

House Bill #591 - enhanced the penalty for anyone who uses a juvenile as a lookout while selling drugs as well as increased the penalty for those selling drugs in the vicinity of children.

● 120th General Assembly 

House Bill #9 - is a probate reform measure which increases the amount of assets to be released from administration to $85.000 for surviving spouses. This legislation saves on time, court costs and attorney fees for surviving spouses engaged in routine inheritance matters in Ohio. 

House Bill #11 - permits those persons on death row to choose lethal injection of drugs rather 
than execution.  A strong advocate of capital punishment, Rep. Mottl believes the forfeiture of one's life. rather than the means of execution, is the deterrence to heinous crimes. 

House Bill #457 is a probate reform measure which increases to $35,000 the amount of assets to be released from administration by an interested party. This law saves on time, court costs and attorney fees for Ohioans. 

House Bill #458 - is a survivorship tenancy bill which allows any two, people. not just a husband. and wife or two relatives to establish survivorship tenancy in any titled automobile or watercraft that one or both of them owns. This procedure allows the title to quickly and easily transfer to the tenancy survivor in the event one joint title owner passes away.

● 121st General Assembly 

House Bill #18 - increases the parental liability for physical injury caused by a child from $2000 to $6000 to equal that of physical damage to property and places the responsibility for injury caused by their children squarely on the shoulders of the parents for damage done to innocent third parties. 

House Bill #23 - removes Ohio from the Vehicle Equipment Safety Compact. The Compact is a non-functioning and technically non-existing compact, that due to monetary difficulty, has ceased to produce any benefits for Ohio. An effort to reduce unnecessary government. 

House Bill #197 - designates I-77 as the "Vietnam Veterans' of America Highway" in honor of our veterans.

BC / BS - Was instrumental in getting the Ohio Attorney General and the Superintendent of Insurance involved in the disallowance of the merger between Blue Cross / Blue Shield of Ohio and Columbia / HCA.